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Rio, besides being Brazil´s most famous postcard and the host of Carnival, the largest party on Earth, is the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1565 by the Portuguese, Rio started as a sugar cane production centre (with some 110 refineries by 1639). The city also grew to become the main port for exporting gold from Minas Gerais to Europe and to import slave trade from Africa which started defining some of Rio´s most important cultural traits: African cultural heritage. At those troubled times the Portuguese ownership wasn´t undisputed. The Dutch and the French also had claims on the land, along with rightful native owners. That mixture, not always peaceful, needless is to say, originated modern Cariocas, as Rio locals refer to themselves.

In 1763 the capital of the Vice-Royalty moved from Salvador de Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, which was subsequently capital of the Portuguese Empire in 1808, and the Republic of Brazil from 1889 until 1960, when the Capital was moved inland to Brasilia.
This prosperous city originally based its economy in trade and sugar cane and coffee production. Afterwards the city grew to become a major tourist and cultural hub as well as an industrial area (although smaller than Rio´s eternal rival, Sao Paulo). Nowadays Rio is Brazil´s main tourist destination and the Mecca of Portuguese Media, TV and Cinema.
Besides, of course Carnival, Rio is famous due to its music (samba and bossa-nova, but also funky and hip-hop), its beautiful open-minded and happy people (the Cariocas), its beaches (such as Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon), its magnificent views, football (or soccer, although no one will call it that here), and a rich history reflected in its architecture and neighbourhoods.

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