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Cheap Budget Rio de Janeiro Carnival Packages

5 Nights. See it all, enjoy it all, do it all, have fun, hassle Free Package!

Rio Bookings provides you the best Carnival Packages in Rio de Janeiro, so that you forget all the complications of organising your trip to Brazil and put all your energy in enjoying all beautiful things Rio de Janeiro has to offer.

Rio de Janeiro Bookings has packages for all, from luxury to the budget minded. Choose the package that suits you the most and start preparing for the largest party on Earth!

Instant 20% discount for Online Bookings: Buy your Cheap Budget Rio Carnival Package below!

 ** Carnival officially starts on the 18th of February and finishes on the 22th of February 2012.  For those who have the time, there are plenty of parties, street parties, and rehearsals the weeks prior to those official dates. And also the following Saturday 25th of February you can attend the final parade, called the "Champions Parade", where the winning Samba Schools will perform for the last time.

Our standard packages start on Friday 17th or Saturday 18th.  If you wish to book on different dates or for a longer period go ahead and book it and then send us the details.

5 Nights + Transfer + Carnival Ticket + City Tour + Favela Tour

Cheap Budget Rio Carnival Packages

What's Included in the Budget Package?

  • Airport Transfers both ways. Transfer from the Airport to your Hotel and Back.
  • Carnival Parade Ticket. Sambodromo Parade Ticket for Sector 13. For Sunday Parade (best samba schools). If all you want is the Carnival Tickets you can Buy them Online here:
  • Accommodation 5 nights (Bed & Breakfast). Accommodation in Shared dormitory in one of our Partner Hostels. The best rated hostels in, best location, atmosphere, services and facilities. (Some of them are: CheLagarto Hostels, El Misti Hostels, Mellow Yellow, Stone of a Beach). Bed and Breakfast included.
  • City Tour. Including Christ the Redeemer, Sugar-loaf, Catherdral, Downtown, Lapa & Santa Teresa. Panoramic city tour from downtown Rio, Stop at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Cable car to Morro da Urca (Urca Hill) and Sugar Loaf, View from Sugar Loaf to the Guanabara Bay, Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, Train through the Tijuca Rainforest, Christ Redeemer Statue, Views from the Corcovado Mountain.
  • Favela Tour (cultural visit to the famous Rio slums). You will go to the favelas of Vila Canoas and Rocinha, the largest one in the country. Picturesque from a distance, once closer they reveal their complex architecture, developing commerce and friendly people. Most Samba Schools participating in the Carnival parade come from favelas. The tour changes their reputation of areas related only to violence and poverty. Don't be shy, you are welcome there, and local people support your visit. If you really want to understand Brazil, don't leave Rio without having done the Favela Tour.
  • Printed Useful Guide & Map. With useful information and tips.
  • Lots of Optionals: Hangliding, Buzios, Ilha Grande, Paraty, Samba Schools, Maracana Football Match, Museums, Beaches, Helicopter Tours, Tropical Islands Cruise, Diving and more.

The Price of the Budget Package for Carnival in Rio

Total Price per Person for 5 Nights: R$ 1818

20% Discount for Online Bookings: R$ 1518 per person (U$853)



Carnival is Rio de Janeiro´s highest season and finding accommodation can be expensive and bothersome. Book our unique Rio de Janeiro Carnival Packages and start enjoying a true Rio Carnival experience as soon as you land in Brazil.


Our airport transfer will be waiting for you at the Guarulhos (GIG) and Santos Dummond (SUD) airports and will take you straight to your hotel. Once you have settled in your room, our coordinator will meet you at the lobby, give you your Rio Carnival Parade Ticket, make all the city tour arrangements and brief you on things to do in Rio de Janerio, the marvellous city. Rio is not only theCarnival Parade in the Sambadrome, you can also practice extreme sport, enjoy the different beaches in Rio, discover its endless nights life, go paragliding over Rio, take boat tours and much, much more.


RioBookings´ Rio de Janeiro Carnival Packages include the following:


Transfer from the airport to the hoteland back to the airport. Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you back after five days to remember. You´ll only need to hop on the plane and start missing Rio.


ticket for the Rio Carnival Parade in the Sambadrome. This is one of the ultimate party experiences on Earth. A city of millions turns to joy under the spell of carnival and you will be there watching from a privileged location the incredibleCarnival parade that Cariocas spend eleven months preparing for. You can´t say you´ve lived unless you´ve been at theSambadrome for the Carnival Parade!



Rio de Janeiro City Tour including all Rio de Janeiro´s must-sees: The Christ the Redeemer Statue, the Rodrigo Freitas Lagoon, The Sugar Loaf, the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, the historic districts, Tijuca Forest National Park and more. Discover why Rio is indisputably called the "Cidade Maravilhosa" ("Marvellous city").


Favela Tour (hill-side slams) to discover the life of Rio´s emerging districts. Formerly impoverished and dangerous, Rio de Janeiro favelas are opening up for tourism as a means to help finance their education, urbanization and empowerment projects along with the Government accelerated development plan. Discover why Brazil is destined to be one of the happiest countries in the world.


Five nights Accommodation in one of Rio de Janeiro´s best hostels in  the Southern Area of Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana, Leme, Ipanema, Leblon), in one of our Partner Hostels (Some of them are: CheLagarto Hostels, El Misti Hostels, Mellow Yellow, Stone of a Beach). Breakfast included.


Besides the Rio City Tour, the Favela Tour and the Rio Carnival Parade there is much more to do in Rio during carnival, street parties, hotel balls, boat parties, discos and live music everywhere! Check RioBookings to find out more about things to do and places to visit in Rio de Janeiro.


* is the actual travel provider and not a third party affiliate. The travel/accommodations offered will be booked directly through us and not an outside agency. 

* All Taxes and expenses are included in the package price. There will be absolutely no additional fees, charges or after purchase costs associated with bookings within the packages offered.

Carnival Package Dates: Rio Carnival starts on the 18th of Febrero 2012. We have organized our packages giving you the flexibility of booking your Carnival Package on any 5 continuous nights during Carnival. Most people book their flights for either Friday 17th or Saturday 18th of February and stay for 5 or 6 days. If it is convenient for you, you can book your carnival package online now and get your flights later.


Suggested Itinerary for the Rio Carnival Package

  • Saturday - Arrival, transfer, and pre-departure information!
  • Sunday - City Tour
  • Monday - Favela Tour in the Morning / Sambadrome Parade in the Evening
  • Tuesday - Free Day to enjoy the Beaches or sign up for other exciting activities.
  • Wednesday - Airport Transfer

Besides the activities included in the package Rio offers endless choices for everybody's taste. These are some of the optionals you can book with us. Please indicate which one do you want your paypal order and we will send you a quote for the extra activities you choose.

  • Hiking
    You want to experience the thrills of climbing Rio de Janeiro´s most recognizable landmarks. We offer the two best spots: Sugar Loaf and Corcovado (finishing at the statue).
    Duration: 4 to 6 hs
    Departure: Everyday
    Included: Transport, Equipment & Guide
    Minimum group size: 2
  • Football (Soccer) Game at Maracana Stadium
    You would have had to have been living under a rock not to know that Brazil in synonomous with football (Soccer). If in Rio de Janeiro then a trip to Maracanã Stadium to see a game is essential to witness the passion this game produces in the Cariocas (People from Rio).
    Experience the unique passion of aBrazilian Football (Soccer) game in the famous Maracana stadium. Watch and join the locals beat their drums, blow their trumpets as they support their local team. Join in the frenzy as you understand why Brazil is five times world champion.
    Duration: 6 hs
    Departure: twice a week
    Included: Transport, Guide, & Ticket
    Price: Depends on game, please consult us.
  • Hang-gliding
    Hang-glide off the 510 metres Pedra Bonita Mountain (a giant granite slabs that tower above Rio) onto Pepino Beach. Adrenalin and the beautiful views of Rio get together for this unforgettable experience.
    No experience is required.
    Schedule: Everyday. However, availability for this this activity depends on good weather conditions.
    Included: Transport & Hang glide gear.
  • Skydiving in Rio
    Do you need more adrenalin? This is your best choice: Skydive in Rio!
    Rio is a wonderful city to ride bicycle and visit many of its wonders. The city has kilometres of bicycle routes. Take your bike from your hotel to the north to Flamengo, Catete, and Gloria or to the south to Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon among many other options as Lagoon Rodrigo Freitas.
  • Surfing Rio
    Day tour to enjoy the best surf options in Rio de Janeiro!
  • Rio Speed-boat (Macuco) Tour
    Have you thought about taking a high velocity speed boat in Rio? This tour offers you another way to see the wonderful city, from the sea! There are two trip options, the first one heads south to the Cagarras Islands and Redondo Islands, where you can spot migratory birds. And if you are lucky in certain times of the year you might see sea turtles, dolphins and even whales. The other trip option heads to the north, passing beside the famous Contemporary Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MAC) and the Guanabara Bay
    Of course you can jump to the sea and enjoy the wonderful views of Rio.
    Each boat carries 28 people.
    Don´t forget to bring sunscreen, cap, sunglasses and a towel! You may get wet!
  • Tijuca National Park
    The Tijuca Peak is the National Park summit, with 1021m of altitude. The hike ends up in a 117 steps stairway carved in the gneiss rock, built many years ago for the visit of a European King. At the top, 360º view of North, West and South area of Rio. Best way to know Rio from above, since you´ll be at the second highest peak of Rio.
    In the last part of the South Area, there is a flat top stone called Pedra da Gávea (Topsail Stone). That stone is the largest monolith in Latin America. It´s a bold hiking inside the Tijuca Rain Forest. Leaving Barrinha neighbourhood (west zone), we hike through the woods. It´s also a great chance to see native monkeys and squirrels. The track ends up in the summit of the Gávea Stone, with 842 m high.
    Incredible view of the South and West area beaches, the Lake, Sugar Loaf and Christ Redeemer.
    Easy rappel in Carrasqueira for descent.
  • Hike to the Christ the Redeemer Statue
    Do you want to know Christ Redeemer crossing the woods in Botanical Garden? Hike to the top passing water streams inside a former traditional family yard, than you reach the Tijuca Forest, and follow the 1897s railroad in the end. The trail has a beautiful view of the Lake (Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas) and the South Area, concluding the trail in the Statue, up to the Corcovado Mountain.
  • Walk in the Carioca Mountain
    Light walk in the Carioca Mountain Range (Horto), inside former coffee farms. There´s an old dam in the beginning of the track to refresh your body. We hike up to reach the 10m waterfall and ascent to a natural well, formed above the waterfall. Perfect for people who wants tranquillity surrounded by the nature.
    Full day or 2 days hiking + cascading (10 metres).
  • Favela Funky Party
    Partying in Rio is not just about the sultry grooves of samba dancing. Can you imagine shaking and grooving to the local popular funky rhythms until the sun rises over the Christ the Redeemer statue in venues where only the locals go? Come with us and we will take you there?


* We offer flexible Package Dates.  You can book and pay for your package and confirm your Dates and Flight details later (30 days in advance is recommended).

* With your payment we guarantee your package at any 5 continuous nights of your choice during carnival period.

* Any upgrades, changes or additional requests for optionals or extra nights will be handled and booked on request once the payment for the package has been received.

* We require full payment in advance to confirm Carnival Packages.

* Packages can be cancelled only 30 days in advance or more with a full refund, minus any administration charges and/or fees incurred to process the booking, the cancellation, and the refunds.

* Changes or cancellations requested with less than the minimum period required of 30 days will be analyzed in a case by case basis and it will be under the companies discretion to issue full or partial refunds.

* is the actual travel provider and not a third party affiliate. The travel/accommodations offered will be booked directly through us and not an outside agency. 

* All Taxes and expenses are included in the package price. There will be absolutely no additional fees, charges or after purchase costs associated with bookings within the packages offered.

The Price of the Budget Package for Carnival in Rio

Total Price per Person for 5 Nights: R$ 1818

20% Discount for Online Bookings: R$ 1518 per person (U$853)

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