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Favela Cidade de Deus

The Cidade de Deus (City of God), also called CDD by its inhabitants, is a neighbourhood separated from Jacarepaguá, a habitation project located in the West Zone of Rio. It was built in 1960 by the State government favela removal policy.
With a population around 38,000, Cidade de Deus is one of the poorest areas in Rio de Janeiro, although it is located nearby the wealthy districts of Freguesia and Barra da Tijuca.

The international success of the film City of God put the neighbourhood on the media, reinforcing the stigma of violent and dangerous community.

On the other hand, and less commented by the media, there are several dweller´s associations that started in the ?80s such as sambas clubs, sports clubs, theatre groups, magazines cinema clubs, dance groups and black pride organizations.

Several of the processes have come together since 2003creating new organization and articulation conditions that attempt to change the reality of the Cidade de Deus.

Cidade de Deus Community Website:

+55 21 394-BOOKI (26654) | Skype: riobookings

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