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Favela Rocinha

Rocinha is one of the largest favelas in Brazil.
It neighbours a shopping centre, between Gávea and São Conrado districts, two of Rio´s well off areas.
There is a well established commercial infrastructure in the favela: fast-food chains, cable TV and internet, Lan Houses, community radios, a disco, companies that take tourists for a "tour" inside the community. There is also a Sunday fair on Largo do Boiadeiro square which outstands for the sale of products from Northern Brazil.

There is even a small clinic, a post office, three banking agencies (Itaú, Bradesco e Caixa Econômica), three public schools, and some community centres. It´s also worth mentioning the micro-credits campaign promoted by the Banco Popular, which loans small amounts (up to a thousand reais) to small shop owners and street sellers, and has a very low default.
Rocinha has five bus lines (524 - Barra da Tijuca x Rocinha, 546 - Leblon x Rocinha, 591 - Leme x São Conrado, 592 - Leme x Gávea e 593 Leme x Gávea via Copacabana), along with van coops and motorcycle-taxi services.
In 2001, attempting to regulate the unplanned growth, Rio de Janeiro City Hall started an urbanity project that set Eco-limits to preserve the nearby forest but that project was not successful and the favela continues to grow.

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