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Favela Santa Marta

Santa Marta is located in the Dona Marta hill which is officially a part of Botafogo district.

The community is famous for having been portrayed in a Michael Jackson video clip, which was "authorised" by drug kingpin Márcio Amaro de Oliveira, also known as Marcinho VP. At that time Marcinho VP had become one of Rio Police most wanted.

Almost ten years after that he helped write the book Abusado - O dono do Morro Dona Marta (Abused - The owner of Dona Marta Hill) from Caco Barcellos, where he some of the history of Santa Marta community is told.

The community is sometimes also called Dona Marta, which is actually the name of the hill.

Samba school Mocidade Unida do Santa Marta is located in this favela.

At the beginnings of 2009, the favela gained the media attention when free Wi-Fi was installed in the hill for the use of the community.

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