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If there is something Rio is famous about is its beautifl beaches and the beautiful people on them!

What to wear: If you are a woman, wear shorts a mini-skirt or a beach throw around the waist, a T-shirt or tank top, and flip-flops (Havaianas or other) on the way to the sea. Remember to take a bag or backpack with you to put sunglasses, hair sunscreen, pocket mirror, lipsaver. But if you take a bag remember to take along someone to watch it over for you when you dive in the sea. It is also advisable to do some bikini shopping, what you wear at home might not be fashionable if there is one thing in Rio you do not want to do is look funny.
If you are a man you will only need a T-shirt if you go by bus. If you walk yo will not need it. Remember to as light as possible, leave your bag or backpack at the hotel, do not take your cell phone or camera to the beach unless you are going with friends. As with bikinis for girls, your Speedos ("sunga" in Portuguese) should be as wide as a normal Calvin Klein. You should buy them at the local shops.
Cariocas usually take frescobol rackets, volleyballs, body or surfboards and, of course since this is the undisputed champions´ homeland, a football.

Keep in mind that although Brazilians love a tan line, do not take more sun that you´re able to because you will scare all the girls away if you are looking like a lobster. They usually laugh about that. Therefore, rent a beach umbrella, wear a sun hat and use sun protection. Also, wearing regular street clothes at the beach makes you look like the odd one.

There are Rio's Beaches

1. Abricó Beach
2. Arpoador Beach
3. Diabo Beach
4. Barra da Tijuca Beach
5. Barra de Guaratiba Beach
6. Botafogo Beach
7. Copacabana Beach
8. Flamengo Beach
9. Grumari Beach
10. Ipanema Beach
11. Urca Beach
12. Prainha (Little Beach)
13. Leblon Beach
14. Leme Beach

15. Macumba Beach
16. Joatinga Beach
17. Recreio dos Bandeirantes Beach
18. São Conrado Beach
19. Vermelha Beach
20. Fora Beach
21. Dentro Beach
22. Ramos Beach
23. Bica Beach
24. Pontal Beach
25. Vidigal Beach
26. Brisa Beach
27. Sepetiba Beach
28. Recônvaco Beach

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