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Botafogo Beach

Botafogo beach is located in the Botafogo inlet, on the neighbourhood of the same name.

João de Souza Pereira Botafogo, owner and resident of the land in colonial times, named the inlet after himself, afterwards the name was applied to both the beach and the district.

The area grew at the beginning of the XIX century, when Princess Carlota Joaquina, spouse of Prince-Regent D. João, started spending her vacations in a residence located in what today is Marquês de Abrantes corner with the Botafogo beach.

In 1846, a steam boat system started connecting Botafogo and Cais Pharoux (current XV de Novembro Square). At the ends of 1860, the establishing of bus lines eased the access to the district allowing its urbanization. Since then, the aristocracy started living near low and middle-class houses.

One of the most important attractions of the Botafogo Inlet is the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club, whose wharf and marine are visible from everywhere in the district.

Nowadays there are shows and concerts in the evening which summon thousands of people. There is also a bicycle only lane bordering the beach.

In spite of being one of Rio´s postcards and being just by the Sugarloaf hill, the beach is highly contaminated as is most of the Guanabara bay and is not suitable for swimming.

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