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Copacabana Beach

Copacabana beach is located in the homonymous district.

Considered by many the most famous beach on the planet, it boasts a history of tradition, glamour and glory.

The sands of Copacabana, limited by the Atlântica Avenue, are the stage of cool events such as the beach volley and beach football (soccer) world cups, huge shows (over a million people gathered here to watch the Rolling Stones) and the largest New Years´ Eve on Earth (with over 3 million people). Yes, in Brazil size does matter.

The design on the sidewalk of the Atlantica Avenue, with Portuguese black and white cobblestones imitating the sea, was inspired by the one in Lisbon.

In the decade of 1970, the beach was expanded through a dredge that allowed adding lanes to Atlântica Avenue, and setting underground pipes that prevented the undertow from hitting the area. Afterwards a cycle only lane was added next to the sidewalk along with some shops that sell food and beverages.

The beach was also stage of some of the competitions of the Pan-American Games of 2007. On holidays and special dates, there are music shows, theatre presentations, political speeches or religious celebrations.

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