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Botafogo in Rio

About Botafogo

Botafogo is a middle and high class district in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, with about 100,000 inhabitants, well known by its famous sight of the Botafogo Inlet and its beautiful frontal view of the Sugarloaf Hill. Botafogo has many cinemas, theatres, museums, business centres, discos, show pubs, consulates, clinics and hospitals and some residencies dating back from the beginnings of the XX century and the ends of the XIX.

Botafogo Football club

Botafogo Football club is located in the General Severiano Street, along with the São Clemente Samba School. In Rio, Botafogo is known as the "samba schools district" or the "clinics district"- due to the large number of health institutions in the area - and also as the "passage district" due to the tunnels to Copacabana e and the connection to the Aterro do Flamengo that lead downtown.

Botafogo formerly was a nobility area until the 1900s when it became a workers, and public workers, military, clerks and professionals. The distinctive trait of the neighbourhood shifted from large nobility residencies to collective housing.

The growth of Copacabana and Jardim Botânico caused an exponential growth of shops and services in Botafogo.

Institutions, consulates and companies in Botafogo

Botafogo is also an area of consulates: South Africa, Germany, Argentina, and the People ´s Republic of China, Egypt, Spain, Finland, Holland, Lebanon, México, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Botafogo has the main commercial centre of the South Zone in Rua Voluntários da Pátria Street with many shops, offices, banks and companies such as Furnas, Prudential and Claro. On the Botafogo beach are located the offices of Coca-Cola, Intelig, Vivo, Odebrecht and IBM.

Several developments have been launched in the district, especially at the Rua da Passagem.

There are three shopping centres: Shopping Rio Sul, Botafogo Praia Shopping and Rio Plaza Shopping.

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