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Copacabana in Rio

The most famous neighbourhood in Brazil

Copacabana is one of the nicest and most cosmopolitan districts in Rio. Tourists flood to its more than 80 hotels, which are specially crowded in Reveillón (New Year´s Eve) and Carnival. On December 31st the traditional fireworks that can be appreciated from the beach attracts thousands. There are always shows from famous Brazilian and foreign artists in the waterfront all year round.

On weekends the beach received thousands of people, locals and tourists alike, who enjoy the sand and the waves under the sun. The pedestrian area (with its famous black and white stones imitating the sea waves) along with its bike lane, is a great option for jogging.

The district is full of great restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, cinemas, banks, churches, temples (this is where most of the Carioca Jews live), shops, theatres and art fairs on weekends. There are all kinds of shops, from high-end to street informal markets. Copacabana also has a large retiree population.

From 1960, its ever growing fame has attracted more and more people and therefore buildings have replaced houses, especially near the beach. Copacabana became a Brazilian microcosm, with social classes living together in the space between the mountain and the sea. However, Copacabana´s population is mainly middle-class.

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