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Ipanema in Rio

History of Ipanema

Founded in 1894 by the Baron of Ipanema, the neighbourhood of Ipanema is one in Rio de Janeiro nicest residential districts. It is located in the South Zone and it boasts a beautiful coast. Ipanema borders Leblon, Lagoa and Copacabana.

The arrival of the Portuguese Court in the XIX century developed the south Zone of Rio, when the population grew from sixty thousand to half a million in less than a hundred years. The nobility preferred the north part, in direction to Tijuca Forest whilst the diplomacy and the British ambassador preferred the South Zone, where there were only fishermen villages.

The urbanization of Ipanema started after the founding of Villa Ipanema in 1894 by the Baron of Ipanema. In spite of developing before Leblon, the lands of Ipanema also belonged to the French Charles Le Blond, who sold to Francisco José Fialho, who in turn sold them to the Baron in 1878.

The neighbourhood suffered a major and rapid growth in the ?60s, when real estate developers advanced over the neighbourhood, replacing houses for buildings. The prices of land skyrocketed and Ipanema became one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. A synonym of avant-garde, in the ?60s and ?70s, Ipanema was the cradle of Tropicalism, Bossa-Nova, Pasquim, Ipanema Theatre, tong bikinis and top-less.

Tourist attactions

From the ?90s it also became a gay hotspot as well. There are many GLBT attractions for this niche, both in the neighbourhood and in the beach, especially at Farme de Amoedo.
Luxury shops have also grown steadily, with venues such as Osklen and Farm. Big jewellery sellers such as Amsterdam Sauer and H Stern are also located in Ipanema. Major international brands such as Mont Blanc and Louis Vutton also settled shops in this area of Rio. This kind of shops are concentrated in the Garcia D´Avila and Visconde de Pirajá streets (mainly in the Forum de Ipanema), and in Maria Quitéria street.

The neighbourhood still has some of the best and more traditional restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, such as the Bar Garota de Ipanema, where Vinícius de Morais wrote Rio´s most famous song. Also noteworthy are Bar Vinte, in Visconde de Pirajá street, and the bar Paz e Amor (Peace and Love), at the Garcia D´ávila e Nascimento Silva corner.

Besides the traditional fruits and vegetables fairs, on weekends the squares of General Osório and Nossa Senhora da Paz have Hippie Fairs.

Ipanema is one of Rio main tourist points. Some of its attractions are the Garota de Ipanema Park and the Pedra do Arpoador. The Morro Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Hill) is a typical Rio de Janeiro postcard.

The recently reformed Nossa Senhora da Paz church, is also worth mentioning.

Several hostels have recently opened their door in the neighbourhood, which has increased tourism and valorised real estate such as low house and old villas.

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