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Lapa in Rio

About Lapa

The Lapa district, in Rio de Janeiro, known as the cradle of Carioca bohemia, is also famous by its architecture. The Arches of Lapa were built as an aqueduct in colonial times and now have been adapted as way for the trolley buses going up to Santa Teresa. In the recent years there have been some alterations in the landscape of Lapa. Where formerly laid the Pracinhas Square now there is a huge Flying Circus. The Arch Street, occupied by old centennial buildings now has a show house at the famous Fundição Progresso.

Attempting to go back to its original residential roots, the neighbours have created the "I´m From Lapa Movement" (Movimento Eu Sou da Lapa). Inspired in the famous "I love NY" campaign which helped revitalize the American city in the ?70s, this movement is working to do the same with Lapa. It has the support of the city hall and the shops of Lapa.

With the population growth and traffic, Lapa, which concentrates the administrative headquarters of several large corporations (such as Petrobras and BNDES), as well as some high end shops in the Avenida Chile (such as Ventura I e II), started to arise interest from the inhabitants of the northern, southern and western areas of Rio. With the city growth they were eager to live near work at downtown and avoid the traffic jams and long commuting. Therefore there are plenty of new developments which offer a modern infrastructure as well as apart-hotels (such as Viva a Lapa, Cores da Lapa, etc.).

The Bohemia in Lapa

One of the definitive centres of the Carioca bohemia, one of the traits of Lapa is the harmony in which all musical "tribes" coexist. Sin the decade of 1950, when it was nicknamed the "Montmartre Carioca", Lapa is the meeting point for intellectuals, artists, politicians and, above all, the Carioca people, which gather there to celebrate samba, forró, MPB, choro and more recently eletrônica and rock.

On its main streets, Mem de Sá, Rua do Riachuelo and Rua do Lavradio, there are bars and theatres such as the Sala Cecília Meireles, considered the best hall for chamber music in Rio.

The visitor´s musts are the Passeio Público (Public Walk), the Escola Nacional de Música (National School of Music) and the Church Nossa Senhora da Lapa do Desterro, all of which are fine examples of Rio´s architectural heritage. Bars such as Belmonte, Taberna e Boteko do Juca, Antonio´s, Arco Irís are also interesting options for those wandering into Lapa.

A Musical District

If you want to go to hear good Brazilian music, you need to go to Lapa. Some of the main spots are the famous "Asa Branca", the main stage for forró in Rio, the bars Semente and Ernesto, were you can hear the authentic chorinho and also Rio Scenarium and Carioca da Gema, were the "rodas de samba" are the stars. The Lapa 40 Graus, on Rua do Riachuelo, next to the "Clube dos Democráticos", has been recently opened.

Those who want techno (eletrônica) and rock should go to Fundição Progresso and Circo Voador, reopened in 2004. There are also many bars and pubs for all musical tastes.

Official Web Site of Lá Na Lapa (Over there in Lapa)

This Site has all the bars, pubs, theatres and an updated cultural schedule including pictures, news and interviews on Rio bohemian district.

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