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Urca in Rio

About Urca

Urca is a traditional high-class Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood with a population of 7,000 distributed in low buildings and houses. It is located in the Pão de Açúcar hill (the Sugarloaf).

Urca also has the famous Rio cable car, the Benjamin Constant Institute, Fort São João, the Museum of Earth Sciences, the Mineral Resources Research Company (CPRM) and the Old Urca Cassino, which became the headquarters of Tupi Television after gambling was forbidden by law in Brazil.

History of Urca

The district was populated since the foundations of city of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro.

In 1555, French colonist under Nicolas Durand de Villegagnon settled in the Guanabara Bay, which forced Portugal to send a military expedition to expel the in 1560.
The district borders Botafogo, Leme and Copacabana.

In Urca the Atlantic Ocean meets the Guanabara Bay, therefore the district has both beaches with bay waters (unsuitable for swimming) with Ocean water (suitable).

The campi of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the Engineering Military Institute (IME), the General Staff Army Command School (ECEME) and the War Navy School (EGN) are located in the Vermelha Beach.

Urca hosted a part of the aristocracy at the beginnings of the XX century, and afterwards one of the most famous casinos in Rio - The Cassino da Urca. Due to the proximity of the casino, many big show-biz starts lived in the district, such as Carmem Miranda, before going to Hollywood. Urca has small buildings, military housings (due to its proximity to the São João Fort and the Military Circle, and old historic residencies. The founder of Globo Group, Roberto Marinho used to live there. Other famous inhabitants include singer Roberto Carlos, music critic Ricardo Cravo Albin, mining businessman Nazir João Cosac, banker Guilherme Arinos Lima Verde de Barroso Franco and composer Herivelto Martins, among many.

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