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Rio Sunshine

During summertime (from March to December), the weather in Rio de Janeiro is hot and humid. It Rios the rainy season. During wintertime the temperature descends, but the climate is still warm. The yearly average temperature is over 20 C (68 F).

Rios Climate is classified as Atlantic tropical (Aw), according Kppens model.

Since Rio is a seaside town, the thermal amplitude is low. Yearly maxim averages 26,1 C, and minimums, 20 C. Absolute maxim is 36,2 C and minimum 13,8 C. July is the coldest month (from 24 C to 17 C), and January the hottest (29 C e 23 C).

Rio rainy season

Summers are hot and humid, while winter are pleasant, rarely going below 10 C. The year has basically two seasons: a hot and humid one and a mild one.
Due to the high rise concentration downtown, temperatures can reach 40 C on summertime. Tourist coastline areas are much cooler due to the ocean breeze.

April and November are the months with less rain. October, November and January have 13 days of rains as an average.

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