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Angra dos Reis Rio de Janeiro

Angra dos Reis seen from the ocean

Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro has 365 islands scattered in a green water sea. One of Angra´s main attractions is diving: there are several shipwrecks to explore and much sea life.


There is also a rich culture to enjoy. For instance, you can visit the Praça General Osório complex, that hosts the Convent and Church of do Carmo, the Marquês do Herval summer house and the Morro de Santo Antonio, where the ruins of Convento São Bernardino de Sena and the Chapel of São Francisco da Penitência are located. Angra also has many restaurants and discos for the evenings.Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro State The Angra dos Reis municipality boasts 365 islands and two thousand beaches of outstanding natural beauty. It is located in the Fluminense Green Coast, between the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


The best to visit Angra is to travel by boat, enjoying the crystalline waters and having a glimpse at the mansions of the rich and famous scattered in private islands.

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande means "Big Island"

Ilha Grande stands out of all islands. A paradise of adventurers, filled with trails, waterfalls and deserted beaches, it housed a famous prison for almost 60 years.

Angra dos Reis used to be one of the main ports of the southern coast of Brazil. It was the entry point for goods and slaves ships for the labour in the colonial coffee plantations.

Ilha Grande is the largest of all Angra dos Reis Islands. The island features fascinating landscapes, over eighty beaches, backwaters, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, plains, mountains and peaks in a 193 km² area.

One interesting fact: the Ilha Grande bay has one of the largest concentrations of shipwrecks in the world, and therefore is a unique diver destination. The ocean has great variety of fish, corals and caves.

Useful information

The climate in Angra dos Reis, the climate is hot and humid, and there is no dry season. The average temperature is 24ºC, with maximums varying between 27ºC and 30ºC, and minimums between 18ºC and 21ºC.

One major event is the New Year´s Sea Procession when decorated boats leave Flechas beach, in the Gipóia island on January 1st, every year.

Angra dos Reis has a Population of almost 120,000 inhabitants and it is located 168km south of Rio de Janeiro.

Most accommodation options are on the Contorno road. Acommodation there ranges from luxurious hotels to small quaint inns. There are also excellent restaurants that serve fish, seafood and international dishes.

How to get to Angra from Rio

  • By Road: leaving the city of Rio de Janeiro through BR-101, 133 km of paved road. There is also the Caminho do Ouro, from Cunha to Parati, for 4×4 vehicles only. The fastest option is to follow on Presidente Dutra highway (BR-116) to Barras Mansa (State of Rio de Janeiro), and from there, drive down the mountain range to Angra dos Reis through a paved road with tunnels crossing through stone, for about 96 km.
    By Plane: the Angra dos Reis airport mainly serves small private aircraft.
    By Sea: the most beautiful of the accesses into Angra dos Reis is by sea. Although there are no regular services, those who come by yacht or other vessels have many options at the marina harbors and yacht clubs of the city. For those who love to navigate, there is a shopping with a parking lot for 500 launches.
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