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Buzios in Rio de Janeiro state

History of Buzios


A little over 170 km from Rio lays one of Brazil most sought after sea resorts: Armação dos Búzios - or just Búzios. It is an 8 km peninsula surrounded by islands and beaches. It only became a city in 1995, but it has always been an exclusive beach. Since French actress Brigitte Bardot went there in 1964 the fishermen village became a hotspot. The sea walk is named Orla Bardot after her and there is a real size bronze statue to thank her for putting Buzios in the world´s mouth.

Originally a small fishermen village Armação dos Búzios was the home of the native tribe called Tamoios. Afterwards it became a French pirates and slave traders hideout. When the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot visited Buzios in the 60s turned the beach famous all over the world.


Buzios today

Today, Buzios is one of the most sophisticated tourist spots in Brazil. The city offers very high quality services to meet the most exquisite preferences of national and international visitors alike. Buzios has about twenty beaches of unique beauty and offers visitors historical, cultural and eco tours. It is an outstanding place for diving, and a perfect retreat for those looking for peace during the day and an exciting night life after sunset.

Some facts about Buzios

French actress Brigitte Bardot made Buzios famous wolrdwide

The climate in Buzios is dry and semiarid. The average annual temperature is 21ºC, with average annual high of 28ºC and average annual low of 18ºC.

One of the major events is the Búzios Jazz e Blues. This annual festival is held in July and it brings new and traditional tendencies in jazz and blues.

The city has a little over 18.000 inhabitants and is only 176 km away from Rio de Janeiro city.

It boasts more than 100 inns and hotels for all tastes and budgets, ranging from luxurious and exclusive spa hotels to simple inexpensive yet comfortable economic lodgings.

There are sophisticated restaurants for those black palates: International cuisine includes Japanese, French, Italian, Moroccan, Thai and many others.

Things to do in Buzios

There are more than 20 spectacular beaches surrounding the peninsula where you can practice windsurf, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and many other water sports.

The coastline has several kinds of beaches:

  • Geribá is a surfer´s paradise;
  • João Fernandes and João Fernandinho are foreigner´s choices.
  • If you are looking for tranquillity, look for Azedinha;
  • family groups usually ho to Ferradura.
  • The best way to visit them all is to take a boat tour that includes Feia and Rasa islands.
  • Rua das Pedras (Stones Street) is the chic street in town. There you will find bars, restaurants and discos.

    Buzios also has an International 18 holes golf course and a show jumping club.

    There are boat, car and beach-buggy rental services. There are also boat tours around the islands and beaches of Buzios.

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