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Nightlife in Rio

Rio is Brazil´s cultural capital, and few people are more cosmopolitan than Cariocas (what the locals call themselves). The city´s cultural life is intense, vibrant and varied.

Cariocas are warm and inviting people, who have a passion for life and know how to celebrate it! Whether it is the warm weather or laid back life-style, Rio´s rhythm definitely beats to a different drum.



Rio de Janeiro is the birthplace of both Samba and Bossa Nova and the beats of these lively sounds can be heard throughout the "Cidade Maravilosa"! Of course there´s plenty of room for other Brazilian, Latin, and international music as well. Musis performances range from mega-shows and events like Rock in Rio, to intimate cafes and lounges with live music, to free presentations at beaches and parks- there is definitely something to satisfy your musical needs.

Don´t be surprised to come across spontaneous rodas de samba, or groups of musicians at the many street bars.

If you have a chance to watch a show outdoors, do not miss it. Picturesque settings like Ipanema or Copacabana Beaches become the stage for events promoted by the city throughout the year. The latter are free, and attract an eclectic audience with a healthy mix of locals and visitors!


Lapa is your destination if you are looking for samba, funk, hip-hop and other pop beats played live or with DJ´s spinning. Weekends are quite crowded and you can choose from an assortment of clubs lined up along Rua Mem de Sá and surroundings. The atmosphere is unpretentious and friendly, and a perfect opportunity to blend with locals. Hang out in the street around the main attractions and start making friends.

If you are looking for up-to date musical info, check out the Friday supplements of O Globo, Jornal do Brasil, and Veja Rio. These newspapers are a great source of current information.


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Rio has a strong tradition in theatre. Comedies, musicals and other theatrical plays often debut in Rio, and then tour in other Brazilian states.

Most good theatres are in South Side districts and downtown area. If you like theatre you should definitively visit the beautiful and well preserved Municipal Theatre at Cinelândia (Centro). Its beautiful architecture and the excellent program (including operas, ballet and classical music) are a great option if you want to avoid the standard Rio postcard. Do not miss this unique chance to assist the performance of an Heitor Villa Lobos suite in Rio de Janeiro.

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Cinema and TV

If you get one of those awful raining days o the sun is so bad you are longing for a dark airconditioned room, Rio has many cinemas where you can enjoy local and international movies.

But Rio is also the seat for Rede Globo, also know as Globo TV, TV Globo, or just Globo. It is a Brazilian television network, owned by Organizações Globo, one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. Rede Globo is currently the largest TV network in Latin America and the fourth largest in the world. It has an audience of 120 million people.

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Discos and pubs

Rio offer all kinds of different nightlife: clubs, bars, lounges, samba jam sessions, street parties, raves, music festivals, live shows, parades and of course, carnival.

Rio´s clubbing circuit is popular amongst locals and foreigners alike - as many clubs throughout the city allow them to dance the night away. Local and guest DJ´s spin every night the latest disco, house, garage, techno, trance, pop, funk, hip-hop and other dance beats. The party on really gets going after midnight - allowing party-goers to pre drink or pre-party beforehand.

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