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Culture in Rio de Janeiro


Rio is a city thriving with culture from art exhibitions to a samba gig at a small boteco, from a bossa nova set to a hip-hop show, from a poetry reading at a bohemian restaurant to a huge rock festival in Copacabana Beach...

In Rio, the fine arts and popular culture are everywhere, modern art and street art side by side. A never-ending array of arts and culture is waiting for you: music, arts, literature, performing arts, dance, cinema, you name it, Carioca´s have it.



Rio is not only samba and bossa-nova; it also boasts a thriving rock scene, Brazilian reggae, a growing hip-hop movement, favelas funky music and the strong techno clubbing culture (or eletrônica, in Portuguese). Northern Brazilian migrants´ music, forró, is also a must for visitors.


Rio has a strong tradition in the performing arts. Comedies, drama, musicals and other theatrical plays often debut in Rio.

TV and Film Industry

With the headquarters of Rede Globo, the largest TV conglomerate in Latin America, in Rio, most top Brazilian actors end living in the city. If you are a keen star hunter you will see many of them jogging or walking in Ipanema.

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