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Rio de Janeiro Cinema and TV

Watch Cinema and TV in one of  the most cinematic places on earth, Rio de Janeiro!

Going to the Cinema

If you are feeling a little bit tired of diving into Carioca culture and lifestyle and you need a break from Portuguese for a while, or just if it one of those rainy days, Rio has a wide array of options to go to the cinema: most films are played in its original language with subtitles in Portuguese.

If you have a TV in your hotel, Brazil also offers an ever-growing cinema and TV industry which is mainly based in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian films are always showing and it is a perfect chance to practice any you language skills you may have acquired in your holidays.

If you have had a long and tiring journey and you decide to take a night off and stay in your hotel, there are always plenty of options to check on TV. Most hotels also offer Cable TV featuring most the American and International entertainment and news chains.

Some facts About Rio de Janeiro TV

Rede Globo, but also know as Globo TV, TV Globo, or just Globo, is a Brazilian television network, owned by Organizações Globo, one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. Rede Globo is currently the largest TV network in Latin America and the fourth largest in the world. It has an audience of 120 million people.

Globo´s headquarters are located in Rio de Janeiro in the neighborhood of Jardim Botânico. The network´s main production studios are located at a complex dubbed Projac which is located in Jacarepaguá district, on Rio´s western area.

In 2007, Globo switched their analogue broadcast to high-definition television production in digital broadcasting. Its network has 121 television stations in Brazil and its own international networks: Globo Television International and Rede Globo Portugal (Network Globo Portugal).

Globo is also one of the major producers of Brazilian TV, most notably soap operas, which are a total Brazilian classic.

Cinema of Rio de Janeiro

Of all films depicting Rio, perhaps one of the most famous is City of God ("Cidade de Deus").
City of God, filmed in 2002, is crime drama film directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund. The film was adapted from the homonymous novel by Paulo Lins.

City of God Trailer

The film tells the story of organized crime in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Cidade de Deus, between the 1960 and the 1980.

Actors include Seu Jorge, Alexandre Rodrigues, Jonathan Haagensen, Douglas Silva, Alice Braga and Leandro Firmino da Hora. It is worth noting that most of these actors were residents of favelas including Cidade de Deus itself.

City of God was nominated for four Academy Award nominations in 2004: Best Cinematography, Best Directing, Best Editing and Best Writing.  City of God also received an impressive positive acclaim from major publications in the United States and Time magazine chose it as one of the 100 greatest movies of all time. In the UK, City of God was ranked 3rd in Film4´s "50 Films to See Before You Die".

After the success of City of God, Directors Meirelles and Lund created the City of Men TV series and film City of Men, which share some of the actors and their setting with City of God.


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