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Rio de Janeiro Forró

Forró in Rio

Typical Forro Band

Rio de Janeiro Forró Music comes from is a kind of North-eastern Brazilian dance that developed from European folk music.
Forró is the most popular genre in Brazil´s North-eastern states. It is not really a rhythm but the name of a way to

dance. Different genres of music can be used to dance the forró which can follow many rhythms. Traditionally, forró bands use only three instruments (accordion, zabumba and a metal triangle). The dance known as college forró is the most common style between the middle-class students of colleges and universities and the one you will find in Rio de Janeiro.

Origins of Forró

The traditional music used in forró was brought from the Northeast by musician Luiz Gonzaga, who transformed the "baião" (a warm-up for artists to search for inspiration before playing) into a more sophisticated rhythm.

Forró major artists

Some popular forró artists are Luiz Gonzaga and Jackson do Pandeiro, Elba Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo, Accioly Neto, Trio Nordestino, Dominguinhos, Eliane, Marinês, Falamansa, Trio Virgulino, Sivuca, Pertúcio Amorim, Rastapé, Geraldinho Lins, João do Vale, Trio Forrozão, Jacinto Silva, Arlindo dos Oito Baixos, Jorge de Altinho, Arleno Farias, Nando Cordel, Delmiro Barros and Nelio Guerson & Carlos Guerson.

Forró venues in Rio

Check scheduled shows at

Quebra - Mar
Forró in Quebra-mar has always been a classic for forró dancers.
Forró is played every Thursday.


A night dancing forró in Rio

Av. do Pepê, 32 - Barra da Tijuca

Sexta Praxaxar
A new forró space in Jacarepaguá, it seats 200 people. There are shows every Friday.

Rua Ten. Coronel Muníz Aragão 53 - Freguesia

Casa Rosa

Casa Rosa is one of the most "stylish" forrós. It gets very crowded on Fridays to dance with the Xote Coladinho. It has A/C and an outdoor area.

Rua Alice, 550 - Laranjeiras
9363-4645 / 9127-8899

Casa dos Forrozeiros

Casa dos Forrozeiros is one of the newest forró clubs in Rio de Janeiro. It is located in Jacarepaguá (Taquara), and it has forró on Saturdays with a special price.

Estrada do Tindiba, 1851 - Taquara (Ao lado da Faculdade Estácio de Sá - R9)

Ilha do Forró

Considered the best Sunday forró, it starts early. A nice environment, lots of people and overall enjoyment. You need a small boat ride to reach the place.

Ilha Primeira - Barra da Tijuca / Next to Maxims motel.


The most important stage for forró in Rio de Janeiro is a large place in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Mourisco - Parque Aquático - PRAIA DE BOTAFOGO

Watch a forró show in Humaitá:



You should definitively try dancing Rio de Janeiro Forró Music!

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