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Rio de Janeiro Reggae

Brazilian Reggae scene

Former Brazil's Culture Minister Gilberto Gil

Rio de Janeiro Reggae music outstands in the Brazilian Reggae scene. And Reggae is very big in Brazil! Even the former National Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil recorded a Bob Marley tribute album. Only in a lively country such as Brazil a minister can wear dreadlocks...

There are hundreds of reggae bands scattered around Brazil, from Tribo de Jah, from Northern state of Maranhao to Chimaroots to southernmost Rio Grande do Sul.

Afro Reggae

Afro Reggae or Brazilian Reggae is also a strong venue in Rio´s musical scene. Popular bands from Rio de Janeiro that play reggae include Cidade Negra, Planet Hemp and O Rappa.

Solo singers include Ras Bernardo and Toni Garrido.
F.UR.TO is a NGO and band that works with the kids in the Favelas (Shanty Towns).

Cidade Negra

Cidade Negra's former lead singer Toni Garrido

Rio de Janeiro Reggae band Cidade Negra (Portuguese for "Black City") was formed in 1986. Influenced by soul and rock music, Cidade Negra´s songs include love and social issues.
The band became successful in 1991, with the release of the album Lute pra Viver ("Fight to Live") which included the radio hit "Falar a Verdade" ("Speak out the truth"). Ay the time the lead singer was Ras Bernardo.

After the second album, in 1993, singer Toni Garrido, former vocalist of Banda Bel, replaced Ras Bernardo.

Cidade Negra recorded their first acoustic record in 2002 on MTV Brasil, featuring Gilberto Gil. The record had a major hit: "Girassol" ("Sun flower") .

In 2006, celebrating their twentieth annyversary, Cidade Negra released a Live DVD.

In April 2008, Toni Garrido left Cidade Negra, after fourteen years with the band and on June 13, the band presented their new singer: Alexandre Massau, ex-singer of bands Berimbrown and Preto Massa.

O Rappa

Another of Rio de Janeiro´s major reggae bands is O Rappa. When the reggae artist Papa Winnie came to Brazil in 1993, he had no band to play and he picked four musician as a backing band for his scheduled shows: Nelson Meirelles, Marcelo Lobato, Alexandre Menezes and Marcelo Yuka as the band. After Papa Winnie´s shows, the musicians decided to form a band and called singer Falcão.

O Rappa is a Brazilian reggae/rock band. Their music combines many musical genres such as Rock, Reggae, Funk, Hip hop and Samba. Their songs protest against social problems and the members of the band themselves support numerous social projects and NGOs.

Their first album was released in 1994: O Rappa. But it did not reach massive success, and it was only known in the working class suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. But in 1996 when the album Rappa Mundi was released the band´s audience grew.

O Rappa´s third album Lado B Lado A gained them widespread fame and sold over 150 thousand copies. Their videoclip for their song Minha Alma won MTV Brasil´s Vídeo Music Awards.

In August 2001, O Rappa released its first live album called Instinto Coletivo which featured a couple of tracks recorded in the studio with the participation of metal band Sepultura and teh English trip-hop band Asian Dub Foundation.

On 7 July 2007, O Rappa performed at the Brazilian leg of Live Earth in Rio de Janeiro along iwth other bands and singers such as Marcelo D2.

Their last album to the date is 7 Vezes.



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