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All great nights in Rio start with Caipirinha

Rio is the epitome of great nightlife as it boasts a variety of venues for every wallet and every taste. It offers diverse types of nightlife: clubs, bars, lounges, samba jam sessions, street parties, raves, music festivals, live shows, parades and of course, carnival.

Rio´s clubbing circuit is popular amongst locals and foreigners alike - as many clubs throughout the city allow them to dance the night away. Local and guest DJ´s spin every night the latest disco, house, garage, techno, trance, pop, funk, hip-hop and other dance beats. The party on really gets going after midnight - allowing party-goers to pre drink or pre-party beforehand.

To know where to find a good party or lounge spot, check out the following suggestions and keep an eye out for flyers distributed on the beach and at some funky shops in Ipanema and Leblon.

Rio's best nightlife sorted by area

In these neighbourhoods, you don´t have to venture very far your hotel to find good nightlife:

Mariuzinn - Copacabana - 30 years of tradition make this a popular clubbing choice- best on Fri-Sat

Bip Bip - Copacabana - A local dive where numerous bands play a variety of styles from Samba to Bossa Nova - best from Tue-Sat

Clandestino - Copacabana - A European style dance club - plays some good Brazilian funk and dance music - ideal for locals and foreigners - best on Fri

Bunker- Copacabana - variety of parties every weekend attracting alternative crowd

Baronetti- Ipanema - classics design and drinks set this venue apart - best on Fri-Sat-Sun

Emporio - Ipanema - notoriously lively street party worth a visit practically any day of the week

Club 69 - Ipanema - Despite the sexual name, this venue is actually quite classy and prim - attracting the young and the beautiful of Rio - best from Wed -Sat

Irish Pub - Ipanema - Exactly what you would expect from an Irish pub - good brew and chilled out vibe - best on Fri-Sat

Shenanigans - Ipanema - Another great Irish pub in Rio - great guiness and burgers - ideal for a hanging out with friends and fellow "gringos"

Cobal - Leblon - Cobal´s huge patio attracts the prim and proper of Rio - great place to mingle with the posh and try out some delicious cocktails.- best on Fri-Sat


Although not as popular, these neighbourhoods harbour some hidden gems rimming with local culture:

00 (Zero Zero) -Gavea- This modern lounge with flawless design attracts the young and the beautiful - part terasse, part restaurant - this venue is worth a try - best from Thu- Sat

Street Party - Baixa Gavea - local university students mingle and party on the street - best on MonCasa Rosa - Laranjeiras - enormous historic venue complete with rooms, gardens and pool tables - Great place to enjoy samba practices and local bands as well as experiment the traditional "feijoada"- best on Fri-Sat-Sun

Severyna- Laranjeiras- great place for live forro music and dancing - best on Mon

Saturnino - Jardim Botanico - Swanky martini bar filled with hip locals - best on Thu-Fri-Sat

Palaphyta Kitch - Lagoa - This funky kiosk around the Lagoa, with its zen-like atmosphere and Amazonian décor is the perfect place to enjoy the gorgeous Lagoa view ,some tasty caipirinhas and innovative Amazonian finger food - best from Thu-Sat


Ovelha Negra -Botafogo - Rio´s first "champagne only" bar - good atmosphere and affordable bottles make it a must see - open only on weekdays

Casa da Matriz - Botafogo - A converted colonial house converted into a huge alternative club , complete with an arcade room - best on Wed


The Lapa area has become very popular, with venues such as Rio Scenarium and Carioca da Gema as well as many street and rave parties. The piers, an old train station, warehouses, and a movie theater of the turn of the century have already been the setting of unforgettable parties.

Fundição Progresso- Lapa- mega-parties usually take place there, attracting as many as 5,000!

Rio Scenarium - Lapa - This beautifully and eccentrically decorated venue boasts 3 floors from which you can enjoy live music, tasty caipirinhas and yummy finger food. Best from Tue-Sat

Carioca da Gema - Lapa- A classic samba venue - great place to mingle and dance with locals - best Thu-Fri-Sat

Beco do Rato - Lapa - This local street party allows party-goers to witness real Brazilians having a good time , Rio style. Samba music, lots of dancing and even more drinking guarantee a good time - best from Wed-Sat

Lapa 40 Graus - Lapa - A new hip club with 4 floors - each boasting a different band or DJ. Get ready to dance the night away - best Thu-Fri-Sat

Bar da Ladeira- Lapa - A huge house transformed into a live samba venue - put your samba shoes on as you´ll be dancing the night away Brazilian style- best on Fri-Sat

Lapa Street Party - Lapa - A must -do while in Rio, this street party offers a unique look at Brazilian partying - best on Fri

With its suburbian feel, Barra may not seem likely to provide good nightlife and clubbing but against all odds, this neighbourhood is filled with exciting venues.

Nuth - Barra- one of Rio´s favourite clubs -get there early to avoid the long waiting lines- best on Fri-Sat-Sun

Hard Rock Café - Barra- This cheesy American chain is actually quite popular amongst Brazilians who love their rock - interesting mix of people - best on Sat

Visiting all of Rio de Janeiro Discos, pubs and lounges might be impossible, but it´s well worth a try.

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