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Excursions and Tours in Rio

Rio offers endless leisure options for visitors and locals alike. Even if you live there it would take much more than a lifetime to do everything there is to do in Rio de Janeiro.

Must-do excursions and tours

These are the typical excursions and tours, but keep in mind it is only a short list of all the options out there.

City Tour


Get to know many of Rio de Janeiro´s highlights in this half day tour! Enjoy the spectacular views of the city from beneath Rio´s major icon: the Christ Redeemer Statue. Take the cable cart up to Sugar Loaf mountain for another vantage point of the ?marvelous´ city. Later, you will see one of the largest stadiums in existence; the Maracanã Stadium is home to Brazilian football passion (External Areas). Next, visit downtown to see the Cathedral and the Sambadrome, centre of the world´s most famous carnival.


Duration: 6 hrs
Schedule: Everyday
Included: Transport, Entrances, & Guide
Price: R$ 135,00.

City Tour (Without Sugar Loaf)


This tour will take you to Rio´s pride and joy, the Christ Redeemer Statue, to see Rio de Janeiro in all its glory. Next you are off to the city centre to visit the Cathedral, Sambadrome, and the famous Maracanã Stadium (external areas only).


Duration: 4 hrs
Schedule: Everyday
Included: Transport, Guide & Entrances
Price: R$ 85

Favela Tour (Rocinha)


The mountainous topography of Rio de Janeiro houses thousands of people living in impoverished communities, with million dollar views. Favela is a Brazilian term used for Shanty town, and many sprung-up in the 70´s from displaced populations. Your visit to the Favelas will reveal the heart of Rio culture, the urban sounds and the energy of its people. You will learn the story of the community, their social codes, and the organizations working to better the community.
An hour´s walk, will take you through the heartbeat of this unique community, coming in close contact with the locals. Visit an art studio and two Favela schools. The art studio is called the Culture Project (Casa de Cultura) and it aims to showcase local artists creating works which represent the local spirit, history and culture. Following on from this is the Daycares Centre. This is an initiative where local and multinational companies have joined forces to provide a venue for the education and development of the Favela´s local youth. Donations of clothes, food and medicine are always welcome!

The tour takes you into the heart of the Favela community, to provide you with an insight into the vibrant spirit of its people, to allow you to interact freely with the local population. You will be in a group of seven where a local will take you on his motorbike taxi from the edge of the Favelas up to the brim of its basin, overlooking the city. An hour´s walk, will take you through the heartbeat of this unique community. Meeting and greeting the locals on your way through the winding streets, listening to the urban and funky beats, taking in the organic smells of local family animals and local dishes.
Besides having contact with the favela inhabitants, we visit an art studio and two Favela schools. The art studio is called the Culture Project (Casa de Cultura). Its aim is to show the world of local artists creating works which represent the local spirit, history and culture. Following on from this is the Daycares Centre. This is an initiative where local and multinational companies have joined forces to provide a place for the education and development of the young population of the Favelas. Volunteers are always needed to continue to provide this vital service to the local community?

This could be your perfect opportunity to make a change?

P.S. Donations of clothes, food and medicine are always welcome


Duration: 3 hrs
Schedule: Everyday
Included: Transport & Guide
Price: R$70

Samba School Night


If you do not have the chance to spend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, at least get a taste of it at one of the Samba nights hosted weekly by popular Schools. These schools are the those that will be performing at the Carnaval Sambadrome.  You will spend the night socialising, dancing and taking in the energentic spectacle that is a samba school night. Experience a Samba School Party! From August and September biggest samba schools open their rehearsals to the public. In these large parties, where everything is about samba, you can enjoy the experience of assisting to the preparation for Carnival, its spirit and the illusion people have waiting for the largest cultural event in the world.


Duration: 5 hs
Departure: Saturdays between August & Carnaval
Included: Transport, Entrance Tickets, & Guide
Price: Consult us.

Rock Climbing


You want to experience the thrills of climbing Rio de Janeiro´s most recognizable landmarks. We offer the two best spots: Sugar Loaf and Corcovado (finishing at the statue).
Duration: 4 to 6 hs
Departure: Everyday
Included: Transport, Equipment & Guide
Minimum group size: 2
Price: Please Consult Us.

Football (Soccer) game in the Maracana Stadium


You would have had to have been living under a rock not to know that Brazil in synonomous with football (Soccer). If in Rio de Janeiro then a trip to Maracanã Stadium to see a game is essential to witness the passion this game produces in the Cariocas (People from Rio).
Experience the unique passion of a Brazilian Football (Soccer) game in the famous Maracana stadium. Watch and join the locals beat their drums, blow their trumpets as they support their local team. Join in the frenzy as you understand why Brazil is five times world champion.
Duration: 6 hs
Departure: twice a week
Included: Transport, Guide, & Ticket
Price: Depends on game, please consult us.

Hang-Gliding - Pedra Bonita


Hang-glide off the 510 metres Pedra Bonita Mountain (a giant granite slabs that tower above Rio) onto Pepino Beach. Adrenalin and the beautiful views of Rio get together for this unforgettable experience.

No experience is required.

Schedule: Everyday. However, availability for this this activity depends on good weather conditions.

Included: Transport & Hang glide gear.

Price: R$250

Other excursions and tours

Skydive in Rio

Do you need more adrenalin? This is your best choice: Skydive in Rio!

Bike Rentals

Rio is a wonderful city to ride bicycle and visit many of its wonders. The city has kilometres of bicycle routes. Take your bike from your hotel to the north to Flamengo, Catete, and Gloria or to the south to Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon among many other options as Lagoon Rodrigo Freitas.

Surf Tour

Day tour to enjoy the best surf options in Rio de Janeiro!

Rock Climbing & Sugar Loaf

Hiking & rock climbing at the Sugar Loaf will become an unforgettable experience for you. Enjoy the half day or full day trips made for you (all grades)
Enjoy this half day or full day tour, for all levels.

Macuco Boat Tour

Have you thought about taking a high velocity speed boat in Rio? This tour offers you another way to see the wonderful city, from the sea! There are two trip options, the first one heads south to the Cagarras Islands and Redondo Islands, where you can spot migratory birds. And if you are lucky in certain times of the year you might see sea turtles, dolphins and even whales. The other trip option heads to the north, passing beside the famous Contemporary Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MAC) and the Guanabara Bay
Of course you can jump to the sea and enjoy the wonderful views of Rio.
Each boat carries 28 people.
Don´t forget to bring sunscreen, cap, sunglasses and a towel! You may get wet!

Tijuca National Park and Tijuca Peak

The Tijuca Peak is the National Park summit, with 1021m of altitude. The hike ends up in a 117 steps stairway carved in the gneiss rock, built many years ago for the visit of a European King. At the top, 360º view of North, West and South area of Rio. Best way to know Rio from above, since you´ll be at the second highest peak of Rio.

Gavea Stone & Tijuca National Park

In the last part of the South Area, there is a flat top stone called Pedra da Gávea (Topsail Stone). That stone is the largest monolith in Latin America. It´s a bold hiking inside the Tijuca Rain Forest. Leaving Barrinha neighbourhood (west zone), we hike through the woods. It´s also a great chance to see native monkeys and squirrels. The track ends up in the summit of the Gávea Stone, with 842 m high.
Incredible view of the South and West area beaches, the Lake, Sugar Loaf and Christ Redeemer.
Easy rappel in Carrasqueira for descent.

Corcovado Hill - Carioca Mountain Range

Do you want to know Christ Redeemer crossing the woods in Botanical Garden? Hike to the top passing water streams inside a former traditional family yard, than you reach the Tijuca Forest, and follow the 1897s railroad in the end. The trail has a beautiful view of the Lake (Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas) and the South Area, concluding the trail in the Statue, up to the Corcovado Mountain.

Shower Waterfall & the Botanical Garden

Light walk in the Carioca Mountain Range (Horto), inside former coffee farms. There´s an old dam in the beginning of the track to refresh your body. We hike up to reach the 10m waterfall and ascent to a natural well, formed above the waterfall. Perfect for people who wants tranquillity surrounded by the nature.

Side Trip - Ilha Grande + Feiticeira Waterfall

Full day or 2 days hiking + cascading (10 metres).

Favela Funky Party

Partying in Rio is not just about the sultry grooves of samba dancing. Can you imagine shaking and grooving to the local popular funky rhythms until the sun rises over the Christ the Redeemer statue in venues where only the locals go? Come with us and we will take you there?

Tours Duration Schedule Price in Brazilian Reais
City Tour 6 hrs Everyday R$ 135
City Tour (without Sugar Loaf) 4 hrs Everyday R$ 85
Christ Redemer Tour

3 hrs


R$ 40
Favela Tour 3 hrs Everyday R$ 70
Carnaval Tickets

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3rd & 4th day of Carnaval Click here for Carnival 2010 Tickets
Samba School Nights 10 pm - 4 am  Saturdays (Aug-Carnaval) R$ 70
Hang Gliding

3 hrs

Weather Dependent
R$ 250
Football Match 6 hrs Twice weekly Depends on Game
Rock Climbing (Min 2 People) 4-6 hrs Everyday Consult

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