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Going Shopping in Rio

Rio is a great city to go shopping. If you want to be beach smart you should definitively buy you bikini (girls) or sunga (boys) here in Rio. And keep in mind that looking well in the beach is more important in Rio than anywhere else in the world. Rio de Janeiro people do take appearances seriously (even if they are only wearing a mini bikini and a pair of flippers!). So if you like buying clothes this is a great place to do it.

That being said, keep in mind that Rio offers all kinds of shops and prices. From modern shopping centres and malls (which also include the always welcome air conditioning) to hippie fairs and traditional northern Brazilian migrant street markets. And, trust us, all are worth a stroll.

Regular shops are usually open Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm. However, hours may vary according to the location and kind of business. Most shopping centres and malls are open daily 10 am to 10 pm. Some do have a more limited opening time on Sundays.

The ICMS (sales tax) in shops is 18% and there is no tax refund for tourists in Brazil.


Open air fairs are a must in an outdoor minded city as Rio. If you are looking for good-quality arts and crafts you must check the outdoor markets, which are colourful places to visit. We recommend the following:

Babilônia Hype Fair

Tribune C of the Brazilian Jockey Club Racetrack. Open most weekends from 2 pm to 10 pm. This Fair features over 150 fashion, art and decoration stalls. The fair also has live music and dance shows. It attracts young crowds through the clothing, sunglasses and jewelry stalls. It also has places to get your fortune read or receive a henna tattoo. If shopping males you hungry, there are plenty of food stalls (mostly selling fried sausages and beer).

The Hippie Fair

Saracuras Fountain in Ipanema. Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Here you find handicrafts and artwork.

Rio Antiques Fair

lon Rua do Lavradio, Centro. First Saturdays of every month from 10 am to 6 pm. This market offers an incredible opportunity for treasure hunting.

Northeastern Market

Typical products, food and music from northern Brazil. Campo de Sao Cristovao. Open on Sundays all day long. Take the bus 472 from the Centre or 474 from Copacabana.

Jewellery shops

H Stern

Rua Visconde de Pirajá 490, Ipanema, has branches throughout the city, and outlets in most of the upmarket hotels. It sells elegant silver, pearl and gemstone designs.

Amsterdam Sauer

Rua Garcia D´Ávila, Ipanema. Like H Stern it has branches throughout Rio and the hotels. It also sells fine jewellery.

Books, Music, Films, CDs, Records and DVDs

The city of music is also a paradise for music lovers, especially those who favour samba and bossa nova. Being the cradle of Brazilian cinema and TV it is also a great place to buy classics of Brazilian cinema, documentaries and much more. Brazilian stars MTV Unplugged are usually very good. The seat of the Brazilian Literature Academy, Rio also has a thriving literary life, and you will find plenty of bookstores to hide on a rainy afternoon. These are some of the best places to buy books, music and films:


Leblon´s finest bookstore. It has a small yet decent selection of foreign-language books and magazines. It also has a charming café. There is also a new branch in Copacabana which opened just recently.


This music shop lies inside the Paço Imperial. It is a great spot to to browse for CDs, records and used books.


This music store is the pace to look for old records or classic samba CDs. The staff is also friendly. It is located in a small shopping centre, just past Leonardo da Vinci bookshop (see below).

Boca do Sapo

This is a lovely book and record shop. It specialises in Indie rock, Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), samba and funk.

Bossa Nova & Companhia

This is a rather new music shop with a fine selection of Bossa, choro and samba CDs and LPs. It also offers coffee-table books, sheet music and biographies of Brazilian composers.

Da Conde

This bookstore is hidden inside a tiny shopping centre and treasures a small selection of English-language titles. In Da Conde there are also CDs and DVDs. Its café and lounge is located on the 2nd floor and sometimes it hosts literary events.

Empório Musicale

A true LP-collector´s paradise, this music shop has tons of old records covering the almost uncoverable the full spectrum of Brazilian music, from classic samba, Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) to funk.

Letras E Expressões

Letras E Expressões is located in Ipanema. It has a selection of foreign-language books (from architecture to fiction and travel books) as well as a variety of English-language magazines.

Livraria da Travessa - Centro

The most beautiful bookstore downtown is Livraria da Travessa. Hidden in the alley Travessa de Ouvidor, it has a very knowledgeable sales staff and a bistro. There is another Livraria da Travessa on Av Rio Branco 44 which also has a nice café.

Livraria da Travessa - Ipanema

This branch of Livraria da Travessa has a small selection of foreign-language books and periodicals. On its second floor it also has a good music collection readily available on the headphone stations.

Livraria Imperial

A charming bookstore-music shop that breathes bossa nova and samba

Modern Sound

A great music store located in Copacabana. This shop boasts an encyclopaedic collection of original music. It is one of Brazil´s largest music stores and has shelves of samba, hip-hop, electronica, imports, classical and much more. There are also live concerts daily.

Nova Livraria Leonardo da Vinci

This bookstore has probable the best foreign-language book collections. It also boast a wide range of art and photography books.

Plano B

The best place to shop for music in Lapa. Plano B offer old jazz records and new electronic mixes before stepping but also a tattoo room.


A charming European looking bookstore it is a classic choice for Ipanema´s intellectuals.

Shoppings and Malls


A large mall located in Barra da Tijuca, BarraShopping is minutes away from Zona Sul. These mall harbours a huge amount of shops and a large movie theatre, the New York City Center. The food court in the mall is also worth a try.

Rio Sul

Rio Sul is located close to Botafogo Beach, beside the tunnel leading into Copacabana. It is Rio´s most traditional shopping. Here you can find almost anything you´re looking for. This shopping centre even offers a bus that takes you to the Cardeal Arcoverde Metro (subway) Station for free.

Shopping da Gavea

A small Shopping centre and nice place to hide from the heat or the rain.

Sao Conrado Fashion Mall

Sao Conrado Fashion Mall is an elegant shopping centre that offers many interesting fashion shops.

Speciality shops

Brasil & Cia

This local craft/Brazilian art store lies in the heart of Ipanema. Brazil & Cia offers selected products are from the largest crafts and popular art centres in the country. It outstands for its typical popular art artefacts that reflect important the local culture.

Loja Garota de Ipanema

Named just like Rio´s most famous song, this shop is, of course, in Ipanema and it specialises, of course, in beach gear. The best place to dress for the beach!

Pe de Boi

A unique place in Laranjeiras for those who love out of the ordinary deco. And they can do international shipping if necessary.

Sub & sub

Sub & Sub is the perfect place to buy gear for outdoor adventure: climbing and mountaineering, diving, snorkeling, camping and hiking. It also has a very knowledgeable staff.

Clothes Shop

Clube Chocolate

An innovative store worth visiting. Here you will find clothing designs of Marc Jacobs, Prada, Paul Smith as well as fashionable Brazilian stylists.


Contemporâneo is Soho like boutique. The best of Brazil´s design is here. It also has an excellent restaurant.

Desculpa, Eu Sou Chique

Literally ?Sorry, I´m Chic´. This shop sells vintage fashion, modish relics from the ´60s and great finds from decades past. It also features an upstairs bar and theatre.

Espaço Brazilian Soul

Espaço Brazilian Soul is a two-story boutique that sells designer duds such as board shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops and button-downs. Mainly for men, but women can find some cool dresses.

Favela Hype

This boutique sells youthful fashions for both men and women. It incorporates a mix of retro and vintage design including clothing, accessories and shoes.


Set up by Brazilian designer Tufi Duek this store lies on a quiet street. You can find smart pieces from his men´s and women´s collections. focuses on men, but it does have some picked women´s wear.

Loja Novo Desenho

As the name puts it, ?Store of New Design´, it sells some of Rio´s best modern designs.


A new multi-level fashion store in Ipanema to find beach duds and streetwear.

Sociedade Anônimo

A store full of young women´s fashions (both beach and "night out"). It also has colorful jewelry, kids clothes, silly post cards and toys and accessories.


This is riot-minded shop that has a collection of embroidered button-downs, sleek jackets, pants and jeans ideal to try clash against the police and the head for a hype party in Rio´s high-class districts.

Vale das Bonecas

Vally of Dolls is a youthful street fashion boutique in Ipanema. It offer local designs. Somewhat colourful, but worth a try.

Souvernis, gifts and more

Arte Brasilis

Arte Brasilis is definitively Oone of Copacabana´s best handicraft stores. It features wooden carvings, colourful wall hangings, place settings and other handmade objects from the state of Minas Gerais and the northeast of Brazil.


Inside the grounds of the Museu do Índio (Indian Museum), this shop sells indigenous handicrafts - from masks and musical instruments to pots and baskets, and even weapons! Its products come mainly from northern tribes.

Empório Brasil

In the back of a small shopping centre, Empório Brasil has a small but attractive collection of regional handicrafts. This store offers massage and other beauty treatments as well.


This small shop is located in Ipanema and sells some beautifully made art pieces: works in coloured glass, wood boxes, paintings and papier-mâché pieces from the states of Minas and Pernambuco. This shops also offers worldwide shipping for large pieces.

O Sol

Run by nonprofit social-welfare organization Leste-Um, this shop sells works of regional artists and Brazilian folk art made of clay, wood and porcelain. O Sol also sells baskets and woven rugs.

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