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Rio de Janeiro Beach Football or Beach Soccer

Feel the pleasure of kicking the ball barefooted!

Prove your skills at Rio de Janeiro Beach Football or Beach Soccer!


Kicking a ball with your barefoot on the beach sands of Brazil is one of the must do if you visit Rio de Janeiro, although playing against the locals, undisputed world champions might prove a hard feat.


A variant of Association Football, Beach Football is played on a beach, or sand.

Whilst played on beaches in an informal way for a long time, in 1992 Beach Soccer Worldwide created standard rules for this sport.

Due to the irregularity of the soft-sand surface, the style of play is different of that in regular football. Besides, the smaller pitch allows players to score from almost anywhere. High scores are usual in Beach Football games.

Beach soccer in Rio

The first professional beach soccer competition was organized at Miami Beach in 1993. The competing teams were Brazil, Argentina, Italy and the US.


The first TV broadcasted competition came in April 1994 on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. One year later, Rio hosted the first Beach Soccer World Championship and it included eight teams. Needless is to say Brazil won the cup without losing a game. Since then there has been a yearly competition. And Brazil has won 12 of 14 Championships played so far.

Since 2005, FIFA teamed up with

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