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Other sports in Rio de Janerio

There are other sports in Rio de Janerio besides football: Rio is a city that takes all sports very seriously. On the beaches there are always people playing futev˘lei (footvolley) and frescobol, a sort of foot sand tennis. The weather is an invitation to practice sports, from surf to sky gliding, from jogging to trekking.


Copacabana is a great place for surfing. Other beaches include "Arpoador of Ipanema" beach and "Praia dos Bandeirantes". But beware, the sea there can be dangerous. Some of the best surfers travel to Rio to prove themselves at these Carioca beaches.

Hiking and climbing

Hiking and climbing are also very popular in Rio; you have many different landscapes to practice: the beach, the lagoon and the hills. Tijuca National Forest natural reserve has medium and difficult trails for hikers. The Pao de Azucar (Sugar Loaf) or the Corcovado are excellent places to do climbing.



Played mainly in the beaches, volleyball is also a Rio classic. Brazil is a Volleyball world power and has been several times World Champion of Men Volleyball. It is also one of the most important teams of Women Volleyball. Many members of these national teams come from Rio de Janeiro. For more information on beach volley please check the dedicated subsection, click here.


If you like the sea, the main yatch clubs are in Botafogo, between Copacabana and downtown. Rio Yachting club is the most exclusive and interesting: a Carioca high society meeting point. But these places are open to members only.


Tennis is a popular activity in Rio. You can practice this in the Rio Country Club and the Caišaras Club in Ipanema. Most luxury hotels in Rio de Janeiro also offer tennis-courts.

Tijuca Forest

Extreme sports (Esportes Radicais)

Cariocas are fond of extreme sports, such as jumping, which are practiced near Tijuca National Park in Sao Conrado. Gliding and jumping in Rio cost around $100.


If you like fishing you can rent boat. The local game includes marlins as other ocean fish. You do not need a license and the fish are so big that there is no need to throw them back.


The Jockey Club holds horse racing events on Thursday nights and weekend afternoons. The "Grande Premio Brazil" (Great Prize Brazil), the finest bluebloods from Latin America must, is hold on the first Sunday of August.

Beach sports

Tourist visiting Rio┤s beaches will find a local sport that is a combination of football and volleyball called "fute volei" (feet only volleyball).

Cariocas are very body minded and Cariocas are a somewhat gym fanatics. Should you want to blend in, besides the suntan, you can work out in the many fitness centres available throughout Rio.

Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art

"Capoeira" is an Afro-Brazilian fight dance created by slaves from Angola that has now spread throughout Brazil and is now considered a kind of martial art. Capoeira is also very popular in Rio de Janeiro. There are capoeira classes for tourists, but keep in mind that is a very athletic discipline.


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