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There is much more to Rio de Janeiro than beautiful women dancing samba. Take a look at some of the many things Rio has to offer besides the beaches and Carnival. Rio is a major architectural destination: from the colony times to international modern architecture genius Niemeyer, each district holds buildings waiting to be discovered: churches, public buildings, private house, the Sambodromo and the legendary Maracana Stadium. The rich colonial and imperial history of Rio de Janeiro makes it a unique cultural destination. Its heritage is very well preserved and the city has many museums, art galleries, theatres and art community centres. In this section you will find information on a face of Rio that is not so well known to foreigners.

Historic Buildings

Downtown, the "Centro", has monuments and public buildings that date back to the times when Rio was the capital of the Colony, the Empire and the Republic of Brazil.
There are also monuments and beautiful examples of religious architecture, such as the Candelária and the São Bento Monastery and, of course, the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Modern Buildings

Besides there is the Rio´s architectural heritage that spans from colonial times to the modern architecture masterpieces of Oscar Niemeyer. Click here to find information on the architect Oscar Niemeyer and Niemeyer´s Works.

Museums, Cultural Centres and Arte Galleries

Rio Features almost a hundred Museums and Cultural Centres and countless Art Galleries. Check out some of the options in case you want get away from the noise of the city, rest from the sun or try something different in a rainy day: Museums in Rio de Janeiro or Cultural Centres and Art Galleries in Rio de Janeiro.

Churchs in Rio de Janeiro

The country that has the largest catholic population has, of course, hundreds of churches. One of Rio´s outstanding churches, for instance, is on top of a peak; open to an amazing view, lies the Church of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, one of the four main churches in the city. At night you can see it when it is lit on the high peak of Penha. The popular Penha Fest, held from the first Sunday of October and to the first one of November is a classic cultural trait of Rio´s urban life. There are religious parades, shows, celebrations, expositions and festivals. This Church dates from 1635. Click here for more Information on Churches in Rio de Janeiro .

Parks, Gardens and Walks in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro not only has a rich architecture, incredible beaches and beautiful churches. It also boasts the largest urban forest in the world, 18% of Rio´s geography is covered by forests. Rio is a city that outstands for its green spaces. Of all the parks, Tijuca is the most important. It was declared a "Biosphere Preserve" by UNESCO. And Rio also has a Botanical Garden where you can observe very rare vegetal species. If you want to mix history and science in an afternoon you can go to Quinta Boa Vista, which hosts the National Museum and the Rio de Janeiro Zoo. It is located in the San Cristóbal district, which formerly was the garden of the imperial palace of the same name. If you are looking for a place to excersise, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon or just the "Lagoa", as it is usually called by Cariocas, has a very nice walk around it, with great views and a lot of trees. It is a typical spot for joggers and bikers. You can also rent pedal boats ("pedalotes").
If you want to know more information on Parks, Gardens and Walks in Rio de Janeiro, you are just a click away.

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