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Rio Historical Architecture

Arcos da Lapa

Lapa Arches, an acqueduct in old times
It is a Roman style aqueduct in a double arcade of 42 arches. It was built between 1744 and 1750.

The São Sebastião Metropolitan Cathedral

Niemeyer's Sao Sebastiao Cathedral

This modern style building has a cone form, and it has 96 metres of diameter and can receive up to 20 thousand people standing.

Conceição Fort

Started in 1713, this historic fort was used to defend the city of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro.

Santa Cruz Fort

In 1567, Mem de Sá made this fort the main defence point of Guanabara Bay.

Duque de Caxias Fort

Built between 1776 and 1779, this fort was meant to alert the other forts when enemy ships approached.

Fiscal Island

The building that occupies 1,000 square metres of the island was built in neo-gothic style by Adolfo Del Vecchio in 1889.

Paço Imperial

Built in 1743, this historic building was used as the Residency for the Viceroy of Brazil.

Palácio Gustavo Capanema

Built by Niemeyer between 1937 and 1945, the Palace was the seat of the Ministry of Education until the Capital moved to Brasilia.

Municipal Theatre

Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre

Inaugurated in 1909, the "Theatro Municipal do Rio" was designed by architects A. Guilbert and Francisco Oliveira Passos. The Municipal Theatre features classical, opera and chamber music.

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