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Rio Cultural Centres and Art Galleries

Along with its vibrant and lively street culture, Rio hosts many institutions and cultural centres that take care of the Brazilian and Carioca cultural heritage. In these you can find archives, shows, expositions, conferences and much more.

Brazilian Literature Academy

The Academy seat is in a building built to host the French delegation to the 1922 International Exposition.

National Archive

Created in 1838, the National Archive is one of the most important neoclassic architecture monuments of the Brazilian XIX century. The Archive is in a complex of four buildings that used to be the seat of the Treasury Department (1868-1983).

National Library

Its collection started in the XVIII century and it has over 9 million books.


Caixa Cultural Rio

6000 square metres with four spaces for expositions, theatres and cinemas.

Casas Casadas and Audiovisual Reference Centre

Since 2004, this is the seat of RIOFILME, the State Company dedicated to promoting Brazilian cinema.

Banco do Brazil Cultural Centre

CCBB has a library with over 140 thousand volumes, three theatres, four video rooms, a cinema, two auditoriums, exhibition rooms, a café and a restaurant.

José Bonifácio Cultural Centre

The José Bonifácio Cultural Centre aims to preserve, promote and spread afro-Brazilian culture.

Federal Justice Cultural Centre - CCJF

The CCJF focuses on national art exhibitions, especially photography.

Folklore and Popular Culture Centre

Set in two XIX century house, this Museum has a permanent exposition of over 1.400 objects.

Oi Futuro

Over 1.500 square metres, Oi Futuro is a meeting point for people and ideas, knowledge and fun, art and technology.

Tempo Glauber

This old restored house keeps a collection of films, pictures and documents of Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha along with a permanent exhibition.

These are just some of the available options:

Ateliê Marcius Tristão: Abstract sculptures in metal.
Galeria Anna Maria Niemeyer: contemporary Brazilian art.
A Gentil Carioca: located in the historic part of Downtown Rio.
Arte em Dobro: contemporary Brazilian art.
Ateliê da ONG Cena Urbana: popular culture, carnival and environmental oriented art.
Ateliê DZ9: painting, drawing and engraving.
Ateliê Favoretto: contemporary Brazilian art based on local flora.
Ateliê Flávio Papi: cinema, TV, publicity and architecture models.
Ateliê Helena Souto: ceramic works.
Ateliê Mauro Hardman: wood restoration and ceramic.
Ateliê Selarón: paintings.
Ateliê Umberto França: paintings, sculptures, installations and performances. Atelier Mourão: jewellery.

Atelier Vany Novello: paintings.
Durex Arte Contemporânea: contemporary art paintings, photography and videos.
Galeria da Gávea: contemporary photography.
Galeria de Artes Pretos Novos
Gustavo Rebello Arte: concrete art.
H.A.P. Galeria: Brazilian contemporary art
Laura Marsiaj Arte Contemporânea e Anexo: contemporary art
Lurixs Arte Contemporânea: emerging art.
Novembro Arte Contemporânea: contemporary art.
Paulo Fernandes: contemporary art, it has the representation of artist José Resende.

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