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You should visit the Musuem of Fine Arts

Rio features 47 different Museums and 45 Cultural Centres.

This are some of the options in case you want get away from the noise of the city, rest from the sun if you got burnt or do something different in a rainy day.

Casa Histórica de Deodoro

The Deodoro Historic House hosts the Brazilian Military Institute of History and Geography and it features a permanent exhibition.

Military Museum of Rio de Janeiro

A collection of objects that show the historic, artistic and technological development of Brazil.

Aerospace Museum

Located in Campo dos Afonsos, the cradle of Brazilian Aircraft, the Aerospace Museum has a 16.000 m2 exhibition area featuring both International and Brazilian planes.

Amsterdam Sauer Precious Stones Museum

Over 3.000 pieces between precious stones and minerals. There are also to real size replicas of mines.

Rio de Janeiro Arch deanship Sacred Art Museum

The Museum has a unique archive with over 4.000 pieces including sculptures, paintings, furniture, silver, porcelain, medals, jewels, devotional artefacts, etc.

Carmen Miranda Museum

A collection of films, posters, caricatures and photographs of the first Brazilian international star.


Army Cartographic Museum

The Museum has a collection of maps, pictures and instruments.

Rui Barbosa's House Museum

Dating from 1849, this construction is an important architectonic document of XIX century Rio.

Casa do Pontal Museum - Popular Brazilian Art

The Museum has the collection that the French designer Jacques van de Beuque gathered over forty years.

Chácara do Céu Museum

The house of collector Castro Maya has selection of modern art and travellers in XIX century Brazil.

Fazenda Federal Museum

The Federal Treasury Museum has pieces and documents regarding the economic and financial history of Brazil and the different administrations.

World War II Museum

National Monument to the Brazilian soldiers killed in WWII.

Image and Sound Museum

This museum has a collection of pictures, films and videos as well as musical instruments.

Museum of Urban Cleaning

This building restored by COMLURB in 1996 is a fine example of Rio´s XIX century architecture.

Republic Museum

This Museum is a cultural project that offers expositions, music, cinema, video, theatre, shops, restaurants and a library.

Indians Museum

This building, dating from 1880, hosts one of the largest collections of the Native American heritage in Latin America.

First Rule Museum

This summer house was built by Emperor D. Pedro I for Domitila de Castro Canto e Melo - the Marquees of Santos.

Universe Museum / Rio de Janeiro Planetarium

Interactive experiments divided in four thematic areas.

H. Stern Museum and Workshop

This Museum includes a collection of precious stones and a tour to the workshop of the famous jeweller.

Historic Museum of Rio de Janeiro City

This Museum describes the history of the city from 1565 until the first half of the XX century.

Diplomatic and Historic Museum

Itamaraty Palace was built in 1854 as a residence and then it became the seat of the Brazilian Foreign Office.


International Art Naïf Museum - MIAN

This Museum boasts the largest and most complete collection of Art Naïf in the world: 6.000 pieces.

Jewish Museum

This Museum keeps the memory of the Jewish traditions in the Jew community in Brazil.

National Museum

The National Museum/UFRJ is the oldest scientific institution in Brazil and the largest Natural History and Anthropology Museum in Latin America.

National Museum of Fine Arts

The collection of the MNBA has over 18 thousand works of art, including works brought by D. João VI from Portugal, in 1808.

Villa-Lobos Museum

Records, national and international concert programmes, music scores and plenty of information on composer Heitor Villa-Lobos.

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