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Rio Parks and Public Walks

Rio de Janeiro is a city that outstands for its green spaces. It boasts the largest urban forest in the world, 18% of Rio´s geography is covered by forests.
Rodrigo Freitas Lagoon park seen from Corcovado

Of all the parks, the most important one is Tijuca, defined as a "Biosphere Preserve" by UNESCO. On the other hand you can visit the Botanical Garden to observe very rare vegetal species.

Tijuca National Park

Although some of the hills in Rio are densely populated favelas, some others in Rio de Janeiro are true jungle outposts, forming a green oasis amidst the city.
Tijuca National Park includes some of these hills: Pedra da Gávea, Pedra Bonita, Paineiras and Corcovado. Originally used to grow coffee, in 1860 these areas were reforested by Emperor Pedro II in an attempt to preserve the natural resources of what then was the capital of the Kingdom of Brazil.

Tijuca Forest National Park, Rio de Janeiro

Tijuca has an area of 3000 hectares and has different vegetation than native forests. The park is now a large leisure area, with infrastructure especially prepared for visitors.

You can practice trekking, access lookouts, explore caves, among many other activities. The most visited places are Floresta de Tijuca, Paineiras, Corcovado and Dona Marta look out.

Jardím Botánico (The Botanical Garden Park)
(Disambiguation for the Jardim Botanico district please click here)

The Botanical Garden Park of Rio de Janeiro gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy a quiet walk and watch very rare flora species. It has 137 hectares and an impressive 11 thousand species collection. It has several zones such as the Orchid area, the Cactus areas, the Carnivore Plant area, the Jungle area, and infrastructure with lakes, canals and gardens.

One of its distinctive features is the Imperial Palm Trees, brought by botanist Luiz Vieira da Silva for the imperial family and planted by Prince Regent João in 1809.

There are other vegetal species such as the Pau-Brazil, from which the name of the country comes from. In the park there are some historical buildings such as the old powder factory and the Empress Summer house.

Flamengo Park

A quite wide and stretched park located on the coasts of Guanabara Bay, in the Flamengo district, between Botafogo and downtown. The park has two beaches, restaurants, museums, sport areas, a convention centre, a theatre, etc.

It has 11 thousand trees and 4 thousand palm trees.

Quinta da Boa Vista

This park hosts the National Museum and the Rio de Janeiro Zoo. It is located in the San Cristóbal district, which formerly was the garden of the imperial palace of the same name.

Quinta Boa Vista public walk

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

The "Lagoa", as it is usually called by Cariocas, has a very nice walk around it, with great views and a lot of trees. It is a typical spot for joggers and bikers. You can also rent pedal boats ("pedalotes").

Morro da Urca Walk

Where you take the cable car to the Sugarloaf Hill (Pão de Açúcar) there is a very nice walk called Pista Cláudio Coutinho
which takes you round the base of the morro de Urca. You will be able to see monkeys and typical vegetation. There are some paths leading away from the main trail that take you to other
parts of the hill.

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