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Discover Rio: the Perfect Pit stop on your World Cruise

Rio makes the perfect pit stop on a world cruise. Your adventure on the high seas is a life enriching experience that will allow you to explore countries and continents across the globe.



Rio de Janeiro, with its tropical climate and world famous carnivals, is a top tourist destination for all kinds of travellers. There are a wealth of beaches to choose from, from Copacabana to Barra and Praia do Pepino, where you will find beautiful sandy strips and local cuisine a stone´s throw away. Shopping in Rio offers culture with a cosmopolitan feel, while a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain is the best way to see the sunset over the city and bay. With the vast array of restaurants serving up local, colourful dishes, Rio is the perfect pit stop on your luxurious world cruise.


Eating in Rio

Rio boasts over 900 restaurants and a broad choice of dining options, from cafes inspired by the Middle East to award winning kitchens. Churrascarias are restaurants that specialize in grilled meats and these are plentiful in the city. You can order your meat ?rodizo style´ which results in meat skewers being brought to the table. The national dish is ?feijoada´, which is a tasty stew complete with pork and black beans and hotels commonly serve this at the weekend.

Because of the cosmopolitan feel of the city, Rio offers a number of international cuisine choices, such as Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian and Indian dishes. As well as dining options for meat lovers, Rio also features fine vegetarian food, meaning that there is something to suit everyone in this vibrant setting.


Rio´s Best Restaurants

476 is a restaurant with coastal views and a simple but delicious seafood menu. The speciality here are ?moquecas´ which are seafood stews, as well as curries and grilled seafood. With its 20 tables, 476 offers quiet dining close to the water. Reservations are essential here at this popular eatery.

Confeitaria Colombo features art nouveau décor and a sense of grandeur, left over from the turn of the century when it was the city´s most important café. Today the café serves sumptuous snacks in the form of ?salgados´ as well as their celebrated waffles. You can choose from spinach and ricotta quiche, shrimp and chicken stuffed pastries and heart of palm pie. Enjoy afternoon tea here, which comes in a feast for two, and follow it up with a fruit cocktail or perhaps a European lager.

Antiquarius, at 19 Rua Aristedes Espinola, offers classic Portuguese cuisine. This restaurant is very popular and you need to book in advance, but once seated you can opt for lobster, rice and lime, or seafood stew. The most asked for dish on Antiquarius´s menu is leg of lamb and the restaurant has an impressive wine list to accompany its meals.

Olympe is a top restaurant run by Claude Troisgros, whose family have Michelin stars to their name. Olympe gives you a Brazilian dining experience and blends traditional local ingredients with nouvelle cooking to produce outstanding results. The food is light, from duck with herbs to lobster flan or crab. The restaurant´s passion fruit soufflé is a favourite among the diners of Rio.

Quadrifoglio is a renowned Italian restaurant, considered by many to be the best in Rio. Entrée choices include salads and foie gras ravioli and all meals are complemented by a fine range of wines. A favourite dessert here is ice cream served with baked figs. Discover Quadrifoglio down a quiet back street and see for yourself how good the food is here.


The Perfect Pit Stop

Rio is an exciting place to visit, at any time of the year. Its fabulous beaches, panoramic mountain views and shopping have made it a top destination for visitors from all over the world, and many come in February for the celebrated Carnival or on New Year´s Eve for the ?Festa de Iemanja´. With the wealth of restaurants to choose from in the city, serving cosmopolitan treats and formal dinners for locals and tourists alike, Rio makes the perfect pit stop on a world cruise. Your adventure on the high seas is a life enriching experience that will allow you to explore countries and continents across the globe. Imagine immersing yourself in wine tasting sessions on a specialised food and wine cruise, with an emphasis on local traditions and cultures, before stepping ashore to experience South America. What better way to interrupt your fabulous, exotic cruise than to anchor along Rio´s coastline and venture into this vibrant city to enjoy the exciting dishes and exclusive wines on offer, both night and day.



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